Pain Management


Our pets deserve to live healthy, comfortable lives just like we do. Marion Veterinary Hospital in Ocala is dedicated to offering the safest, most advanced pet pain management treatments. Animals are predisposed to conceal their pain, but it can affect their quality of life in many ways. Our veterinarians and supporting team members take our patients’ well-being very seriously. Furthermore, we follow AAHA guidelines to ensure that every pet receives exceptional and timely treatment.


The key to effectively treating your pet’s condition is anticipating procedures that may cause them pain. Additionally, we can help you detect signs of discomfort in your pet that you may not have noticed before. If you can spot these changes early, we can reduce your pet’s pain with greater success. Animals respond to pain in different ways, but our knowledgeable team is trained to recognize the signs and propose the appropriate next step.

Whether your pet is experiencing arthritis or recovering from surgery, we always take great care to understand your pet’s health history. We also run careful diagnostics to help us select the best treatment. Understanding your pet’s condition and anticipating the side effects is vital to safely managing their pain.

Your veterinarian will discuss your pet’s treatment with you in detail, and offer suggestions for administering it correctly. All pets are different, even if they happen to be suffering from the same condition. They may not respond in the same way to the same treatment. Therefore, we always approach each patient on an individual basis.


We consider your pets to be part of the family, and we want what is best for them. Minimizing their pain is important to us and requires the highest quality of care we can give. If your pet seems to be in pain or you are not sure of the signs, give us a call at 352-867-5553 so that we can assist you.

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To optimize our efficiency and reduce client waiting times, we prefer to operate primarily by appointments. Drop-off appointments may be requested by the pet owner to maximize his/her time or suggested by our staff if all appointments are filled for the day and the pet owner is wanting his animal evaluated or treated the same day.

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