Dog & Cat Boarding in Ocala, FL

When boarding your pet, you should feel confident and secure knowing that they are in capable hands. Marion Veterinary Hospital offers a pet boarding experience that is truly second to none. Our goal is to make your pet’s stay as comfortable as possible, from our clean, spacious facility to our separate VIP areas for dogs and cats.

What We Provide

We take special care to treat our boarding guests like family members. Our attendants give pets their undivided attention, and take dogs out for walks every three hours during the day. Pets are always supervised to ensure their comfort and safety, and we diligently monitor their diet, elimination habits, and medication intake. The responsibility of taking care of your pet is something we take very seriously. All of our guests deserve to have a pleasant, low-stress experience at our animal hospital.

Our pet boarding facility also has exercise runs that can be expanded to accommodate larger breeds. There are four separate wings with picture windows to let in sunlight and keep curious pets occupied during their downtime. We also have a designated treatment area for pets requiring medical care during their stay. This is especially important for guests that may be diabetic or have another chronic condition requiring careful observation.

Additional pet boarding amenities include:

  • Clean, soft bedding that is changed out daily
  • Fresh water at all times in clean, stainless steel bowls
  • Cat condos
  • Separate VIP areas with spacious suites and glass doors for looking out
  • Bathing, grooming, and massage at an additional fee

We ask that you abstain from bringing extra leashes, bedding, or toys from home, as these may get lost or damaged during your pet’s boarding stay. Do bring your pet’s food in a sealable container with proper feeding instructions. Also bring any medications your pet will need in their original containers, with clear instructions.

Requirements for Boarding

All boarding guests must be established with at our hospital before staying with us. For their safety, pets from different families are always kept separate and on leashes when they are taken out for exercise. Pets must also be parasite-free and up-to-date with all of their vaccinations. These include rabies, distemper, leptospirosis and Bordetella for dogs; and rabies, distemper and leukemia for cats.

Please complete our boarding consent form before bringing in your pet to board, and include feeding directions, medications, and any additional requests.

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Request an Appointment:

To optimize our efficiency and reduce client waiting times, we prefer to operate primarily by appointments. Drop-off appointments may be requested by the pet owner to maximize his/her time or suggested by our staff if all appointments are filled for the day and the pet owner is wanting his animal evaluated or treated the same day.

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