Spaying and Neutering

Have you recently adopted a puppy or kitten? You may be wondering when they will have to be spayed or neutered. Marion Veterinary Hospital spays and neuters pets to prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce their risk of developing cancer later in life. We can discuss your pet’s spay or neuter surgery during their first visit here in Ocala, and we invite you to ask any questions you have concerning the procedure and its benefits. We recommend this important step for a majority of our patients while also respecting their unique needs. Your veterinarian will take time to evaluate your pet’s health and other factors before recommending surgery.

Benefits of Pet Spay and Neuter Surgeries

Our hospital adheres to AAHA guidelines in all areas, including anesthesia, sterilization, surgical equipment, and patient care. Your pet’s safety is always our highest priority, which is why we take every step to minimize risks.

Spay and neuter surgery can provide the following benefits for pets:


  • No unwanted pregnancies
  • No spotting and heat cycle
  • Less likely to have roaming tendencies
  • No uterine infections or uterine cancer
  • Less likely to develop mammary tumors
  • A longer, healthier life


  • Less likely to behave aggressively
  • Less likely to develop enlarged prostate
  • Less likely to have roaming tendencies
  • No testicular tumors
  • Less likely to spray/mark territory in home and other areas
  • Less likely to mount animals, objects
  • A longer, healthier life
Spay and Neuter Surgery in Ocala: Kitten Playing with Dog

Helping Pets Live Longer, Happier Lives

Spay and neuter surgery benefits not only your pets, but strays and shelter animals as well. Stray populations can be greatly reduced, and shelter animals will have a better chance of finding their forever homes. Additionally, pets that are spayed and neutered are likely to live longer and experience fewer health problems.

Six months is the most common age for spaying and neutering pets, but this can vary. You and your veterinarian will work together to choose the best time to spay or neuter.

Schedule a pre-surgical consultation by calling us at 352-867-5553. We can help you make the most informed decision for your pet.