Rabbit, Pocket Pet, Bird and Reptile Care

Cats and dogs are popular pets, but they are not the only pets we see in Ocala. We welcome a variety of species—from rabbits, to birds, to reptiles, our veterinarians are happy to treat them. Since these animals are not common in most households, general knowledge about their care is somewhat limited among prospective owners. Whether your pet has scales, feathers or fur, they have essential needs that must be met. We would be glad to share our knowledge and educate you in the care of your companion so they can live a happy, healthy life.

Wellness Exams

The primary service we offer for rabbits, birds, reptiles and pocket pets is the wellness exam. We recommend annual wellness exams for a complete physical evaluation and to detect changes in appearance and behavior. You should come prepared with questions regarding your pet's health so we can address them promptly. Whether you have years of experience owning iguanas or happen to be a first-timer, we will want to discuss proper care, housing, diet, handling, and more.

Our aim is to build a health history for your pet so we can set a baseline and use it as a benchmark for future exams.

Rabbits and Pocket Pets

If your rabbit or pocket pet seems unwell, bring them in to see us as soon as possible. We can provide pain control, antibiotics and other treatments to manage their condition. Furthermore, we will need to see them for a follow up to assess their progress. We can also perform X-rays to check your pet for underlying problems.

Due to their shorter lifespan, it is essential to stay current on your pet's yearly visits. We also encourage you to ask us any questions you have about your rabbit or pocket pet.

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Treating Birds and Reptiles

Birds and reptiles can make wonderful companions. However, they are just as susceptible to illness and infection as any other animal, warm- or cold-blooded. We may be able to treat certain conditions and take X-rays to examine your pet internally, but they do require specialized care overall. Birds and reptiles with complex health problems will be referred to a specialist.