Pet Wellness Care

Marion Veterinary Hospital believes that consistent, comprehensive wellness care is your pet's best guarantee for a healthy life. When you bring them in for yearly wellness visits, you are helping to prevent potentially serious medical issues. We also encourage you to discuss any changes you have observed in your pet. Our pet wellness care services include vaccinations, diagnostic imaging, blood work, physical exams and discussions about your pet’s behavior and diet. Our veterinarians are also happy to provide behavior consultations, because we understand that your pet’s behavior at home can greatly affect your relationship. Being the only AAHA-accredited veterinary practice in Ocala with over a century of community involvement, we always strive to exceed expectations.

Comprehensive Wellness Care Packages

The wellness exam includes a complete nose-to-tail physical and a discussion about any health changes we observed since your last visit. Senior pets need more frequent health checks and should therefore be seen every six months. Occasionally, we may be alerted to underlying health conditions requiring additional testing. We are fully-equipped to take care of your pet’s diagnostic needs by offering radiography, in-house lab work and ultrasound imaging. Since wellness care is essential to your pet's health, we are pleased to offer wellness packages to better accommodate their needs. When purchasing a wellness care package for a one-time fee, you can rest assured that your pet will be up-to-date on essential treatments.

Wellness care visits may include:

  • Behavioral and nutritional counseling
  • Urine testing and intestinal parasite screens
  • Digital imaging
  • Vaccinations
  • Bloodwork

Senior wellness care packages include:

  • Two wellness exams
  • Discounted digital X-rays
  • Discounted glaucoma testing
  • Free core vaccinations for life

Adult wellness care packages include:

  • Free core vaccinations for life
  • Bi-annual dental care discounts
Pet Wellness Care in Ocala: Technician Carrying Dog

Disease and Parasite Prevention

Keeping pets well with preventive care is one of the cornerstones of our practice. A routine wellness schedule plays a large role in prevention, but exams and vaccines are not the only ways to prevent disease. Parasites, though small, can wreak havoc on your pet’s health and create problems that are costly to treat. Our veterinarians always stress the need for parasite preventatives–oral and topical medications that deter fleas, ticks, heartworms, roundworms, and other parasites.

Due to the mild climate here in Ocala, we recommend keeping your cat or dog on parasite prevention all year-round for maximum protection. During every wellness visit, your veterinarian will ask if your pet is current on their parasite preventatives. If you have any questions about the preventatives we offer or need to schedule a wellness visit, give us a call at 352-867-5553.